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The Boogie Night Club – **Permanently Closed**

The Boogie Night Club – **Permanently Closed**


September 3rd, 2011

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1721 S Manchester Ave
Anaheim, California, 92802


(714) 956- 1410






The Boogie Night Club is an 18+ club (which is why its so popular) located in Anaheim, California. Its not the best club in California by no means but it does offer the opportunity to dance the night away and drink until you forget all about it (assuming you are of age). Its what you would expect from an 18+ club: a younger crowd acting crazy and looking to grind on anybody next to them. Needless to say, a very interesting venue!

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The Boogie Night Club - **Permanently Closed**, 5.5 out of 10 based on 11 ratings

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