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CENTRAL Social Aid & Pleasure Club

CENTRAL Social Aid & Pleasure Club


April 3rd, 2011

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1348 14th St
Santa Monica, CA


(310) 451-5040






The main purpose of a Social Aid & Pleasure Club is to unify communities and neighbors. Music bringing people together who share a common interest.

Social Aid & Pleasure clubs originated in New Orleans and were a source of pride among African Americans, always involving music. The members would hit the streets in coordinated suits, whistles and feathered hats, high stepping to the beat of a brass band that followed. The Pleasure clubs and band would march down streets forming the “first line” of the parade. An audience of locals would follow the parade with jubilation forming the parades “second line.”

Social Aid & Pleasure Clubs grew out of the 1800 organizations called “benevolent societies.” These societies helped dues-paying members of the Pleasure Clubs with financial hardships, anything from health-care to funerals. Benevolent societies fostered a sense of unity in the community, hosting events and charity.

Today, Pleasure Clubs still bring people together to enjoy and rejoice to good music. A lot of events hosted by a Social Aid & Pleasure Club are for the benefit of charities and non-profit organizations. They are also great venues for concerts, weddings, and other joyous events.

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